IAB Tech Lab

"The IAB Tech Lab spearheads the development of innovative and scalable technical standards, creates and maintains a code library to assist in rapid, cost-effective implementation of IAB standards, and establishes test platforms for companies to evaluate the compatibility of their technology solutions with IAB standards, which for almost 20 years have been the foundation for interoperability and profitable growth in the digital advertising supply chain."

As a member of the team responsible for creating the IAB Tech Lab, we set upon ourselves these main goals:

  • Further industry adoption of technical standards and specifications.
  • Create a comprehensive code bank to assist in simplifying and reducing the costs associated with implementation of IAB standards.
  • Develop an IAB standards technology compliance program to reduce friction with the interpretation of technical protocols.
  • Produce specifications for VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) and MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions)

IAB Tech Lab:

•   CodeBank: github.com/InteractiveAdvertisingBureau
•   Tools Portal: tools.iabtechlab.com

•   Standards: iabtechlab.com/standards
•   Software: iabtechlab.com/software

•   Compliance Programs: iabtechlab.com/technology-compliance-programs
•   Working Groups: iabtechlab.com/working-groups