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Alan Turransky

High-performing, cross-functional senior designer with 25+ years experience in product development, combining intelligence, passion and creativity for over 20 years at four of the nation's largest publishers, all recipients of multiple awards for excellence in design and development.

UX / UI / IA

Rapid design prototyping, user journeys, and defining the experience

Graphic Design

Corporate rebranding, presentations, and product design

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If you have a great idea, don't tell anyone... tell everyone!

- Muriel Cooper, MIT Media Lab Co-Founder / AIGA Medalist



It doesn't matter if its a scribble on the back of a napkin or a note jotted down on the board during a brainstorming session... all great ideas need to start somewhere and mature, irregardless if you are architecting a piece of software, championing a industry standard, or implementing a process that will benefit your company's long term success.

Now show others. Let them see both the "forest", as well as the "trees". Let them see your idea from 30k feet, as well as from the ground level. Show them how it works. How it can aid them in accomplishing their task. How it can create an experience that they can come to rely upon.

It doesn't have to be perfect the first time. Just get it out there. Once live, listen to what your users are saying. Does your creation hinder or aid them in accomplishing their task at hand? It is only once we understand how a user interacts with a system that we can then begin to revise it to better meet their needs.



Existing UI/UX Standards.

For hundreds of years, people never question, and do assume, that a book has a table of contents, and possibly an index. No one tries to reinvent this wheel. Why should they? These are known, proven tools that provide end-users with the functionality they need, even if they may not use it. Irregardless, there are certain design constructs that we don't question because we know they work and help us streamline.


User Experience, eloquently defined, more than a century ago.

"If I put a black dot on a sheet of white paper, the dot will be visible no matter how far I stand away from it - it is a clear notation; but beside this dot I place another one, and then a third. Already there is confusion."

Henri Rousseau, 1908

UI/UX advice, from over a century ago.

"Every brush stroke diminishes the importance of the preceding ones."

Henri Rousseau, 1908